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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Dick Beer Is On The Rise!

Here is an article from about a new website/apparel-accessories product line called "Big Dick Beer" which has the tag lines "Feels Great In Your Hands" and "Goes Down Smooth" and the beer by the same name will soon be in production..."the new company's focus long on humor, aims to penetrate markets nation-wide having just created a website in August 2010 and is ready to take all comers to its e-commerce site, The new website sells funny t-shirts, hats, beer koozies, coasters, and glassware with Big Dick Beer's logo on it and their slogan, "Goes Down Smooth."

"Although making beer is a serious business, we don't take ourselves seriously," said Ralph Allen, founder. "We think that the country needs to lighten up some, and we hope that Big Dick Beer can help in some way."

In the future, will run contests for readers of the site's blog and for its followers on social media channels. will also be launching a beer in the near future. "We're in the early stages -- you could call it the foreplay -- of producing our beer," Allen continues. "We don't want to come out to the market prematurely, so we're taking it slow. Once we're ready, though, we expect that our beer will explode on the marketplace and really shake things up!" Go to for more information, to join the mailing list, or to purchase Big Dick Beer products now.

About Big Dick Beer...founded in 2010, Big Dick Beer revolutionized the beer industry with its clever innuendos, puns, and light-hearted approach. By making all of its products purely of concentrated awesome -- a distillation process which can only be learned after three consecutive lifetimes of study -- Big Dick Beer has created a product that either makes your hair glossier, your dancing better, your body more sculpted, or none of the above.

If you think that the country needs a little more humor and aren't afraid to let everyone know that, go to and join in on the fun by entering a contest, submitting a picture or video, or purchasing one of their quality -- and concentrated awesome -- products today. Find them on Facebook at
and on Twitter at"

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