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Friday, January 2, 2009

Top 10 Finnish (Finland) Beers

Beer from Finland...?
Yes, they have beers and brews too! The first brewer in Finland was started in 1819 by Nikolai Sinebrychoff. In 1969, beer was available through shops and bars. Barley is the most common grain used. Here are the top ten Finland beers complete with a link to the (April time frame) Annual Helsinki Beer Festival:

  • 1Urho - The best domestic brew in Finland is brewed by Hartwall

  • 2Karhu - This is a fine full-bodied beer, not too fizzy, keeps it head; reminiscent od a light German beer; "karhu" translates to "bear" in English.

  • 3Olvi - Olvi is a separate brewery from Sinebrychoff (karhu) and Hartwall (classic) and is a very fine beer.
  • 4Lapin Kulta - Pretty mild tasting mass produced beer, but better than most Finnish beers.
  • 5Koff - no longer available in Sweden!
  • 6Karjala - a good beer

  • 7Stadin Panimos Porter - an okay beer
  • 8 Sahti - is a homemade brew using barley and flavored with juniper
  • 9 Lammin -

  • 10 Huvila -
  • Others - Perho Brave Beer, Perho Summer Beer, Perho Spring Beer (Easter), Perho Christmas Beer (November/December - Dark Beer), Krouvi Multigrain (Carlsberg)
Extra special bonus...Here is a sampling of funny Finnish Beer TV Ads:

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